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Using the Password Manager

Sysprosium has a separate password manager to store the logins and passwords to your services.

We use this password manager, because it encrypts your passwords in our database (for security reasons), and it is easy to update should any of the passwords ever change.

You can access the Password manager via your "My Account" dropdown at the top-right of our website (you must be logged in to see it, it replaces "Client Area"), or, you can click here.

If you already have a product with Sysprosium (System Management or Managed Backups), there will be fields filled in for you.

Server - This is the login/password information to access your server via SSH.  If you log into your server via anything other than root, please see the instructions for adding a new password below
Database - This is the administrator login  to your database (eg: MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.). 
Control Panel - This is the administrator login and password for your control panel (eg: cPanel, Plesk, Virtualmin, DirectAdmin, etc.). Please put the full URL to access the control panel in the "URL" field as well.
Data Center - If you would like us to contact your Data Center / Hosting provider for any issues that arise involving reboots, hardware failures, etc. Please enter a login and password we can use to do so here. If your datacenter allows a second user to be attached to your account, please leave this blank, and we will sort out that access via a support ticket.

For each of the above fields, click on the blue "Edit" button to the right (under "Actions") and enter the username and password associated with the section.

If you don't know the login or password to a field, leave it blank. 

Adding a new password - click the blue "Add New Password" button in the bottom left. enter a name (eg: sudo password, root password, Second Database, etc.), the username and the password, add any notes you would like, tick the "Visibility For Admins" checkbox, and finally, click the green "Add New Password" button at the bottom of the screen.

If you need assistance, We're here for you.  You can contact us via our Live Chat (on the front page), or open a ticket via our website, or by sending an e-mail to

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