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Sysprosium FAQ

You've got questions, we got tired of answering them.  So... here.

So, what exactly is covered
under each plan?Y
It’s difficult to be specific, because there’s so many programs, webservers, applications, etc. out there that run on Linux.
Think of it this way:

Basic plan: good for a VPS or server hosting a a few small websites, blogs, or forums.
Advanced plan: good for someone who has many websites on a single server (for example: a shared hosting provider)
Expert plan:good for servers hosting large, high-traffic sites, or for servers used for other purposes than webhosting.

Here’s a more comprehensive list. It is by no means complete. Please e-mail us, or submit a support ticket if you have any questions or you need clarification!

Covered under Basic:
Mail Server
PHP (configuration and standard modules)
Sysprosium’s security packages and firewall scripts.
Control Panel (cPanel, Virtualmin, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc.)
Core Linux packages (anything installed with the operating system)
Server reboots
Tickets/working with the hosting provider.

Covered under Advanced:
Everything in Basic
Server Migrations (up to 5GB)
Backup restoration from customer’s backups
nginx & lighttpd setup & configuration
PostgreSQL setup & configuration

Covered under Expert:
Everything from Basic & Advanced
Intrusion Analysis & recovery (if your server is hacked)
Security audits
Litespeed setup & configuration
TOMCAT setup & configuration
Custom, and non-standard software installation & configuration (at our discretion)



5GB and 10GB backup space? that’s not much!

Personally, I hate sitting down and trying to figure out how much space my backups are going to take up.  We do away with this. Sysprosium’s Managed Backup only counts the data you’re backing up, not how much storage space it takes on our servers. Our backups run nightly (at a time of your choosing), store for 60 days, and we keep monthly archives. Our backup systems use military-grade encryption, and everything is done so it’s HIPAA compliant..  We can restore any single file from any point in time over the previous 60 days, or from any monthly archive. (and yes, we backup databases too!) If you’re interested, our backup plans can be found here.


Can you do X or add Y to your services?

I’m not sure, I don’t know what X or Y is, but if you explain it to us, we very well may consider it! We love feedback, good or bad. Is there something on our site that could be easier to use? Is something not clear? TELL US!  We’ll do our best to resolve your issue!  

Do you accept Bitcoin?

AHAHAHHAHAHAH AHAHAH Ah Ha ahah ahah… .. . no. We’re far more likely to accept payment in single-malt whiskys, or your local microbrew.


What’s with the setup price?

The setup fee is twofold.  First, we don’t simply log into your server and run a script to set everything up. (I mean, I did write a script to do this, but that’s only a small part of our setup). All systems are unique, and we optimize/secure them in the best way possible.  Second, because of all this, our setup fee is non-refundable. If everyone signed up for one month, and we did all our optimization and security setup (and other things), then demanded a refund, we’d be out of business very quickly. For this reason, our setup fee is non-refundable. (Seriously, please don’t do this. We love what we do and really want to keep doing it!)


I have more than one server, can I get a discount?

It’s entirely possible!  We love people with multiple servers! In fact, at this point, all of our clients have multiple servers. One even has over 200!. If you want to work out a deal, please e-mail us at:

Can you help me pick the right server or VPS for me?
We would be happy to! We have extensive experience in system design and analysis, as well as cloud-based infrastructure.


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