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May, 2013: Mike Miller and Jess Brickner sat around a campfire in the mosquito infested woods of northern Wisconsin drinking finely crafted beers when their discussion inevitably turned towards the idea of starting a business. Jess, who was unemployed at the time, really just wanted a way to sit at home and get paid for it. Mike, on the other hand, was already living that dream as a successful freelance systems administrator.

Having met in high school many, many years before, a friendship was quickly formed around a shared love of technology and early, pre-internet online communities such as Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) and, eventually, Internet Relay Chat (IRC). They spent what was probably a very unhealthy amount of time with these mediums, but it would eventually set the stage for what would, many years later, become more than just a hobby.

After high school Mike and Jess' paths diverged a bit. Mike excelled in database and system administration, while Jess followed his passion for programming and software design. Their experiences over the years would eventually come to compliment each other's perfectly when Sysprosium was founded.

Six months or so after that discussion around the campfire, Mike came across the opportunity to manage a very large server cluster. Knowing that he couldn't manage all those machines by himself, he immediately thought of Jess' Plans to start a business were put into motion, and Sysprosium was officially founded in February of 2014.

Jess' exemplary coding ability meshed perfectly with Mike's extensive knowledge in database and system administration, allowing them to develop tools to easily monitor and manage hardware in remote datacenters efficiently 24/7. Sysprosium isn't just built upon the vast experience Mike & Jess bring to the table, but a decades long friendship as well.

About Mike Miller

Mike has been a freelance systems administrator professionally for nearly 15 years. He specializes in managing clusters of servers that run high-traffic websites and knows how to get every last bit of performance out of a server to keep those sites running quickly. Mike's primary focus has been with very large vBulletin forums, but he also has extensive experience with other forum software, content management systems, and some very large custom websites. Back in 1993 Mike installed his first Linux distribution, Slackware 1.0, on a 486 DX2/66 (Coincidentally, Jess may have been the one who talked him into it).

Over the next 20 years Mike built his own computers, built servers and computers for others, sold computers in a retail environment, worked in high-level IT support and training roles for some Forbes 500 companies, and managed his own business. All of these experiences make him very suited to provide Sysprosium's customers with the best, most personalized service available in the industry today.

About Jessie Brickner

This space intentionally left mostly blank because Jessie Brickner is busy working on back-end code to support the numerous systems that monitor your servers and processes. And, writing about himself seems a lot like homework, which he gets enough of as a full-time student.

About Us FAQ:

We've had at least one person ask the following questions, so "frequent" is kind of a relative term

So wait, there's only two of you?

At this point, yes. We promise, however, that if we ever get to the point where we feel we're being stretched a little thin, we'll bring on more help.

"More help"? So, you're just going to hire some guy in India to answer your tickets?

We have nothing against "some guy in India", and we're sure Mr. Some Guy is a bright, talented individual. However we really prefer to work with people in person, in the same office. That's why, when the time comes, we'll be hiring locally, in Wisconsin, first. We will not hire anyone who we feel isn't up to our level of knowledge and experience. Our customers deserve the best.

How do you provide 24/7 coverage if there's only two of you, and one is going to school full time?

Mike: I've been doing this for over ten years by myself, It's amazing how little sleep the human body really needs.

Wisconsin, eh? What's your beer of choice?

Mike: New Glarus Spotted Cow
Jess: Typically, Kirin
Mike: traitor.